JAPANese traditional art of bonseki

at the pearl continental (PC) Hotel, lahore


Lahore: 23rd October 2014

To showcase the ancient Japanese art form, Bonseki, a lecture and live demonstration on the subject was held at the Pear-Continental Hotel, Lahore on Thursday 23rd October, 2014. The event was organized by the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan in collaboration with the Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore.
Midori Inomata, wife of the Ambassador of Japan in Pakistan, gave the lecture and live demonstration of Bonseki which was well attended and deeply appreciated by the art lovers in Lahore.
Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata who was also present at the occasion lauded his wife for introducing the ancient Japanese art of Bonseki to the Pakistani people. Ambassador Inomata said that he was aware that a general perception among the Pakistani people about Japan is of its rapid progress in technological inventions and well-crafted animations. However, after witnessing this demonstration, you will also see a different aspect of Japan; its traditional art and beauty, said Ambassador Inomata.
Bonseki is a traditional Japanese art in which scenery of the four seasons is portrayed in miniature by placing natural stones on black lacquer trays, with various size and amounts of white sand used to add dimension. Bonseki enjoyed great popularity in Japan during the Edo Era (1603-1867).
Bonseki scenes often depict mountains, such as Mount Fuji, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, seashores, and gardens. Small stones are used to represent mountains, shore lines or rocky islands that waves break upon. Miniature structures, usually of painted copper, are sometimes added to the work to make houses, temples, bridges, and the like.
Mrs. Midori Inomata who has mastered this art over the years captivated the attention of the viewers by skillfully demonstrating live the art of Bonseki. She has already demonstrated this art form at the National Art Gallery, Islamabad. (End)