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At the sahiwal ARTS COUNCIL (12 november 2014, 10:30 am)

Fifteen (GAKKO IV)
Colour / 2000 / Duration 120 minutes

Daisuke Kawashima (Yuta Kanai), a ninth grader, stays home all the time, because he doesn’t like school. Without a word to his parents, he sets out on a lone journey. He starts by hitch-hiking in the suburbs of Yokohama in search of a 7,000-year-old cedar tree on the tiny Yakushima Island at the southern tip of Japan.

Through a series of interactions with different motorists, Daisuke learns much of life. During these encounters Daisuke begins to realize many things, especially how important a person’s life can be.  He learns to be more forgiving of others and realizes he is not the only one with problems.

On reaching Osaka Daisuke` climbs into a long-haul truck driven by a woman Sumire` Oba (Rei Asami) headed for Kyushu. Sumire`, a single mother supporting a son and daughter, asks him why he refuses to go to school. This conversation makes Daisuke reconsider the bonds of a family. His meeting with her son, Noboru, changes his mind about many things.

On Yakushima, Daisuke climbs the hill towards the ancient cedar. He proceeds, step by step, along a steep path until he finally beholds the huge tree. Its magnificence seems to speak to the boy and touch something deep inside him.  What started out as an escape has transformed itself into a pilgrimage. It becomes a quest where a boy learns to be a man.

Press release


Islamabad: 12th November, 2014

            The Embassy of Japan in Pakistan today showcased an English sub-titled Japanese film “GAKKO-IV” at the Sahiwal Arts Council. The Embassy of Japan with the support of the Japan Foundation has been holding Japanese film shows in Pakistan since 1995 to provide an opportunity for the people of Pakistan to learn various aspects of Japanese tradition, culture, lifestyle and society.

Mr. Takashi Katae, Minister, Embassy of Japan in Pakistan, and Commissioner Sargodah Division Mr. Muhammad Saddique Sheikh, inaugurated the film show.

“GAKKO-IV” was released in 2000 and is directed by Yoji Yamada. The film revolves around a very touching adventure of fifteen-years old boy who searches the meaning of his life with philosophical atmosphere. He is eager to see the world and find adventure outside his hometown. Bored with school, 15-year-old Daisuke Kawashima embarks on a pilgrimage to visit the 7,000-year-old cedar tree on distant Yakushima Island. Through his journey, Daisuke meets a number of interesting people, including friendly truck driver Sumire and a mysterious mountaineer girl.

            While speaking to the audience, Mr. Takashi Katae, Minister, Embassy of Japan, said the objective of the film show is to make people familiar with the Japanese people,

language and culture with the view to promote and strengthen socio-cultural bonds between the two countries. (End)