Press release

japanese bon festival at the embassy of japan in pakistan

Islamabad: 10th October, 2015

           The Embassy of Japan organized Bon-Odori Evening today at the official residence of Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata which was well attended by the people hailing from various segments of the Pakistani community.  Bon-Odori (meaning Bon dance) is a traditional Japanese dance which is held every summer in Japan as a reminder of the gratefulness one should feel towards one’s ancestors who have passed away. The typical Bon dance involves people lining up in a circle around a high wooden platform made especially for the festival called yagura.
Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata and Mrs. Midori Inomata welcomed the guests at the Bon-Odori Evening to experience and enjoy the Japanese dancing, drumming, food, and clothing on display. The purpose of organizing this event at the Ambassador’s residence was to familiarize the Pakistani people with various aspects of Japanese culture and traditions.
At the Bon-Odori Evening, Pakistani guests were entertained with Wodaiko drumming which was performed by Ambassador Inomata while Bon dance was performed by the Japanese ladies who were dressed-up in traditional Japanese Yukatas. (END)