Japanese film show

"A Chef of South Polar"

Special show of a japanese film held at
the national university of modern languages, h-9, islamabad

Nankyoku ryorinin(南極料理人)
Color / American Vista (1:1.85) / 2009 / 125 min / "THE CHEF OF SOUTH POLAR" Film Partners
Director: OKITA Shuichi
Script: OKITA Shuichi
Based on the novel by: NISHIMURA Jun
Cinematography: ASHIZAWA Akiko
Art Direction: ATAKA Norifumi
Music: ABE Yoshiharu
Producers: NISHIGAYA Toshikazu

NAMASE Katsuhisa: Moto-san
Kitaro: Captain

In 1997, an 8 member research team arrived at Dome Fuji Station where is located a Japanese research facility in the frozen no man's land of Antarctica. The place is 1,000km away from the Antarctic coast. Animals and  viruses could hardly survive there.... ...Mr. Nishimura is a chef of the 8 member research team. Fine dining is on the menu at Dome Fuji Station. The chef misses his family in Japan, but he tries to prepare a delicious meal every day to make the members of research team happy .

Despite the harsh climate, Chef Nishimura is determined to dish up as much mouth-watering fare as possible. From lobster to foie gras and matsuzaka beef, nothing is too good for his crew. It's a good thing, too. As the men try to fill their days of communal isolation with mundane tasks they begin to develop bizarre cravings, an eccentric fashion sense and a longing for home. Their much-anticipated meal times may be the only thing keeping them from going stir crazy! The Captain of the team is addicted to ramen, the doctor tries to train to participate in a triathlon when he returns to Japan, and the young support member likes a telephone operator whom he has never met before... Various unique people have to live together for one and a half year. What will their curious lives be going in the South Pole?