from Mr. Seishiro Eto, President, Japan-Pakistan, Parliamentarians’ Friendship League
on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan



Mr. Seishiro Eto, President, Japan-Pakistan,

Parliamentarian's Friendship League

On the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Independence Day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to the Government and people of Pakistan on behalf of the Japan-Pakistan Parliamentarians’ Friendship League.

It may be surprising for the Japanese people to know that only 68 years have passed since the establishment of Pakistan. This is because Pakistan is founded on a history of thousands of years. We are inspired by the eternal history of Mohenjo-daro. We are also struck with awe by the Bhuddist arts of Ghandara. In our childhood, we became familiar with these heritages by learning in school and longed to see them with our own eyes. Although Pakistan is geographically far from us, the Japanese people cast nostalgic eyes on the country, because of the firm flow of the rich history and culture on the foundation of Pakistan.

I have met many people from Pakistan this year. In January, I met Mr. Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister who is the champion of economic and financial reform, and he elaborated on the economic policy ‘Darnomics’, which is aimed at the development of Pakistan. I hope that the efforts focused on the three ‘E’ namely Economy, Energy, and Extremism will achieve success. In February, I met Mr. Asghar, President of the Standing Committee on Defence and discussed on Pakistan’s security policy in details, and had active exchanges of views on the future parliamentary exchange with the Pakistan-Japan Parliamentary Friendship League in the National Assembly. All of them are respectable patriots who are seriously thinking of the future of Pakistan. I sincerely hope their future success.

And, I also met again Ms. Hameeda Waheeduddin whose Japanese name is Hanako Sumida on her visit to Japan to attend the 'High Level Seminar on Peace Building, International Reconciliation and Democratization' in June. Ms. Hameeda is a Japanese Pakistani who was born in Osaka and is leading various reforms to establish a society where women can flourish, as the Provincial Minister for Women and Development in Punjab. I, as Japanese, am proud of Ms. Sumida’s success in Pakistan, and hope that she will continue to make positive contributions as a bridge between Japan and Pakistan.

Japan and Pakistan have established warm and friendly relations through exchanges in various fields, since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1952. And, in the future as well, I am determined, as President of the Japan-Pakistan Parliamentarians’ League of Friendship, to exert all my efforts toward further fostering mutual understanding and cooperative relations between Japan and Pakistan.