The Government of Japan Grants US $ 5.4 Million for Clean   Energy Project by Setting Up Solar Energy Panels in Islamabad


Islamabad: 11th February, 2010

      The Government of Japan has decided to extend financial support of US $ 5.4 million (480 million yen) to the Government of Pakistan for Clean Energy Project by using the latest technology of solar energy panels.
      Official Exchange of Notes (E/N) were signed and exchanged between His Excellency Mr. Chihiro Atsumi, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, and Mr. Sibtain Fazal Halim, Secretary of the Economic Affairs Division, the Government of Pakistan at EAD.

      In the project, solar energy panels will be set up in the Planning Commission and Pakistan Engineering Council in Islamabad. This project will promote clean energy utilization and it will achieve emission reduction by installing the new system which will be connected to the national grid. The system is expected to reduce the gas emission, by replacing the part of electric power generated by fossil fuel and contribute to the climate change policy of Pakistan.

         At the signing ceremony, the Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Chihiro Atsumi, said that ever since his arrival in Islamabad in 2008, he witnessed the challenges caused by the climate change in Pakistan, such as the melt-down of glaciers and the lack of rainfall; therefore Pakistan and Japan are trying to convert sunshine, a clean and renewable energy, into a power source.

      He also told that Japan will take the lead in the effort of the international community against climate change and he hopes that Pakistan and Japan will contribute together in this respect.

         Ambassador Atsumi assured that the Government of Japan will continue to focus on the environment and energy sector of Pakistan. He said that the environment can be protected this way for our future generations, while addressing Pakistan’s energy needs. (End)