Japan grants USD 9.5 million to Pakistan for confronting COVID-19

Japan grants USD 9.5 million to Pakistan for confronting COVID-19
Islamabad: 15th December 2020
Grant program worth USD 9.5 million signed
Japan has extended a grant assistance of JPY 1 billion (approx. USD 9.5 million) to Pakistan for enhancing its capacity to confront COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Notes to this effect were signed and exchanged between H.E. MATSUDA Kuninori, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan and Mr. Noor Ahmad, Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in Islamabad on December 15, 2020.
Equipment & machineries to be provided to medical institutions
In this program, more than 30 types of medical equipment including the Bedside X-ray Machine will be provided to medical institutions in Pakistan through the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). NDMA has taken effective measures against national-level disasters such as floods, earthquakes, COVID-19 and locust invasion since its establishment in 2007. The Embassy of Japan and NDMA have been working together since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan with due consideration to the need of front-line medical institutions.
Japan’s firm commitment to control COVID-19 and prepare for the future
In the signing ceremony, Ambassador MATSUDA clearly stated, “Our assistance will not only improve the capacity of controlling COVID-19 but will prepare for the risk in the future. The Government of Japan has expressed its strong commitment to this assistance, recognizing the necessity to go hand in hand on a global scale to confront the unknown viruses such as COVID-19.”
Japan’s counter-COVID-19 support reaches USD 16.91 million
As for COVID-19, Japan delivered diagnostic kits in the beginning of February, three weeks before the first case was reported in Pakistan. Then, Japan provided a total of USD 7.41 million to Pakistan through international organizations. With this support to the NDMA, Japan’s support to Pakistan for controlling COVID19 will reach USD 16.91 million in total.