Japanese Emergency Relief Goods Handed Over to Pakistan






Islamabad: September 4, 2022


Japanese Emergency Relief Goods Handed Over to Pakistan


On September 3, the Government of Japan emergency relief goods, tents, and plastic sheets were handed over to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) by Mr. KINOSHITA Yasumitsu, Chief Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Pakistan Office, in the presence of Mr. ODAGIRI Toshio, Consul-General of Japan in Karachi, at the Jinnah International Airport Karachi. 


On August 29, the Government of Japan has decided to provide these goods through JICA, based on a request from the Government of Pakistan to the Government of Japan. The first batch of the goods which was handed over earlier on August 31 were distributed in Balochistan Province. 

Mr. ODAGIRI stated that Japan is deeply saddened by the widespread damage in Pakistan caused by the unprecedented flooding, which has surpassed even the devastating floods of 2010 and hope that these goods will be of some help to the victims. In addition, he mentioned that there is a high demand for food, water, and medicine in the affected areas, and the United Nations has issued an appeal for assistances. Therefore, the Government of Japan will continue to work closely with the Government of Pakistan, and the Embassy of Japan, the Consulate-General of Japan, and JICA will cooperate with each other to respond to the situation. 


Mr. KINOSHITA expressed his sincere condolences to the grieving families who have lost precious lives and their loved ones. He said “Japan has also experienced various disasters in the past. Entire JICA family is with you in this most difficult time. JICA has decades old partnership with the government of Pakistan in disaster management. With the partnership of JICA, the Government of Pakistan prepared its first ever disaster management plan in year 2012, which currently is in the process of revision for next 10 years. JICA is committed to support relief, recovery, and rehabilitation effort of the Government of Pakistan with the motto of ‘Build Back Better’.” He also mentioned his heartfelt respect to the dedication and contribution of NDMA to overcome this catastrophe.


Mr. Muhammad Muazzam Zaman, Representative of NDMA explained the situation in various areas affected by the disaster and the ongoing relief efforts by the Pakistani government, and stated that they are grateful for Japan's assistance and will make sure that the supplies will be delivered to the victims.