JICA Provided 12,500 wheat seed bags to ensure food security and livelihood improvement of agriculture farmers in Flood Affected Areas of Balochistan Province

- Verification of beneficiries farmers
- Distribution of wheet seed 5 bag per farmer
- Farmer received quality wheat Seed in Jafarabad Districts

Press release 
17th November 2022
Embassy of Japan in Pakistan
JICA Pakistan Office

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Pakistan office provided 12,500 certified wheat seed bags to flood affected farmers of five districts Nasirabad, Jaffarabad, Soubatpur, Jal Magsi and Kacchi in Balochistan Province. The Japanese assistance enables 2,500 flood affected farmers families to cultivate wheat crop on their 12,500 acres of land during this Rabi season which will ultimately ensure the food security through availability of sufficient wheat yield in next harvesting season.
This year intense rainfall in monsoon season caused severe flooding across Pakistan and impacted a large number of people and households including deaths of people, damages of infrastructure, destruction of agricultural area and push millions of people into poverty and hunger. As per Rapid Need Assessment (RNA) conducted by Government and FAO Pakistan, in Balochistan province 4,972 km2 agricultural area (1,228,531 acres, 15 percent of the total agriculture area in Balochistan) has been inundated and Nasirabad Division is the severely affected districts. Furthermore, Post Disaster Need Assessment (PDNA) report on Pakistan flood 2022 also emphasized for immediate needs by ensuring preparedness for the incoming Rabi season through land clearance and land preparation, and the distribution of agricultural inputs (seeds and fertilizers) to small and medium agriculture farmers.   
On the request of Government of Balochistan, The Government of Japan and JICA Pakistan office decided to extend the critical support to ensure food security in flood affected areas in Balochistan province. Mr. Yasumitsu Kinoshita, JICA Pakistan office and Mr. Abdul Wahab Kakhar, Director General, Directorate of Agriculture Extension, Government of Balochistan signed Minutes of Meeting on the additional assistance for support for livelihood improvement of agriculture farmers affected by flood 2022 in the selected districts of Balochistan province under JICA’s ongoing technical cooperation project “The Project for Capacity Development of Agriculture Extension Services in Balochistan Province”.
JICA hired the service of Taraqee Foundation, local organization in Balochistan for quick assessment of 2,500 affected farmers families from five districts Nasirabad, Jaffarabad, Soubatpur, Jal Magsi and Kacchi which will be provided 5 bags (for 5 acres of land) of certified wheat seeds to each farmer after verification process by the district’s authorities of Government of Balochistan.
Furthermore, JICA’s cooperation will not only ensure the future availability of wheat as essential food item for food security but also improve livelihood of 2,500 agriculture farmer’s families affected by flood 2022 in Balochistan Province.