Application for Japanese visa since the 1st Apr

1 Visa Application and Inquiries
Regarding visa application and inquiries related to visa application, please contact VFS Global / Gerry’s Visa directly. The Embassy does not accept any visa applications directly (except for diplomatic and official visa (*)).
For visa application (documents required for visa application, booking, processing period, etc.), please contact the VFS Global / Gerry’s Visa.
VFS Global / Gerry’s Visa Contact Point
 Tel : +92-51-8439346


* Diplomatic and official Visa application at the Embassy
In principle, the Embassy desk accepts only Diplomatic and Official visa applicants and for other categories, application shall be made via VFS / Gerry’s Visa. It is necessary to share roles between VFS / Gerry’s Visa and the Embassy for the efficient and swift visa issuance.
Some applicants request the Embassy for special treatment for them to accept their applications directly at the Embassy desk, but, to ensure impartiality, the Embassy will not accept such requests. In fact, you will not get benefit from making such requests, but rather lose your benefit as you may disturb the swift processing of the visa applications and cause a delay. Please refrain from further making such requests.
If you wish to apply for a diplomatic and official visa, please contact at the Embassy via email.
  Tel : +92-51-9072500
E-mail :
2 Time required for acquiring Visa
The standard processing period, when it does not have any problem on contents of the application, takes 6 working days from the time you apply to VFS Global / Gerry’s Visa until the visa is issued at the earliest.
It will take more time if your application is with incomplete documents, so please check your documents carefully before applying.
In addition, in some cases, which requires thorough examination of documents , it may take several months of processing time. So, you are requested to apply for visa well in advance.